What does it take for a smoker to become a non-smoker?

6 aprilie 2008
On April 1st, also called "Fool’s Day", I started to read Allen Carr’s bestseller EASY WAY . The author has a certain easiness in expressing his ideas, and this makes  the book a great book.
I should explain firstly what this book intends: after you’ll have read the book you’ll be a non-smoker, and this is supposed to be simple as this.
Well, from the first day, I read almost the entire book, being curious and also because the book is written very good, it depicts so much truth and so on.
So, on April the 1st I decided to quit smoking (after 6 years of smoking – well, I have mostly smoked lights ciggs, and lately Kent Nanotech Silver – which are the most light).
A caution now for those who want to quit smoking using the EASY WAY.
It’s not that simple. Maybe I haven’t followed all the instructions thoroughly but every day it’s a hell for me, I cry almost instantly, for no reason (most of the time), I’m depressed and I barely realize how good it is to be a non-smoker.
Had an episode like the one described above, last night . That episode added to PMS transformed me in a nightmare.
Now, it’s even worse, I have my period, awful pain, I wish I could make a coffee, smoke a cigg, and wipe everything off.
But as nothing is that simple, I have qualms of conscience and therefore I cannot just simply light a cigg and feel good. I made a promise to myself not to smoke, but now I don’t know anymore…It’s the WORST way.
I don’t feel better as a non-smoker, and I won’t feel good if I would light a cigg and re-start smoking.
Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need this.


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